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Monday, 20 May 2019

Day 1

Schedule Overview

8:30 – 17:30 Registration
9:15 – 17:00 HEDNA U & Working Group Sessions
18:30 – 20:00 Welcome Reception




Arrival Coffee


HEDNA U 101: Introduction to Distribution, Part 1
An introductory level discussion of basic components of hospitality distribution.

HEDNA U 201: Engaging with the Guest: Dreaming and Planning
As the starting point of a guest’s journey, the Dreaming and Planning stage ranges from researching destinations to understanding services at a property level.  This session explores the guest persona and how that knowledge can be used to influence the Dreaming and Planning portion of their journey.

HEDNA U 205: Channel Management
This session provides guidance to hoteliers in how to manage the various distribution channels in an effective manner to maximize profitability.  The course looks at traditional as well as upstart distribution channels and provides insights as to their inclusion in strategic business development.

Working Group: Guest Centric Payments
Join co-chairs, Laurie Gablehouse, Ingenico, and Jayson Canady, Hyatt Hotels, in this working group focused on the challenges and opportunities of a guest-centric payment strategy.


Networking Break


HEDNA U 102: Introduction to Distribution, Part 2
An introductory level discussion of basic components of hospitality distribution.

HEDNA U 202: Engaging with the Guest: Management and Measurement
With all aspects of the guest journey, hoteliers and third party bookers will need to assess the effectiveness of content delivery and channels.  This session aims to provide a framework to assess assignment of resources.

HEDNA U 206: Revenue Management
This session covers the importance of revenue management in the overall distribution process.  Revenue management is the critical element that addresses the need for data driven occupancy and pricing forecasts to maximize revenue and optimize distribution.

Working Group: Open Payment Alliance
Join co-chair Xavi Ginesta, Voxel Group, and Sandy Angel, HTNG, for the latest updates on B2B right-sizing and standards creation with HTNG and OTA.




HEDNA U 203: Engaging with the Guest: The Booking Process
Perhaps the most critical moment in the guest journey is the booking of a reservation.  This session looks at how hoteliers can best offer the right room at the right price at the right time.

HEDNA U 207: Direct Booking
Key to hotel and brand distribution strategy, the direct booking requires resources and preparation to develop successful strategies.  The Direct Booking session leads you through the process of preparing (or updating) for a successful direct booking platform, the specific elements of the dreaming and shopping stage related to direct bookings, and how the information available by direct bookings can be used to create better guest experiences.

Working Group: Connectivity
Join us for a Connectivity Working Group session where we will focus on the new model of Attribute Pricing that is set to transform the Hospitality industry, review the Attribute Pricing white paper and discuss future projects.

Payment Innovation Lab (invitation only)


Networking Break


Working Group: Mobile
Do you want to help guarantee the hospitality and distribution industry doesn’t fall behind on the latest mobile trends?  If so, please attend the Mobile Working Group where we’ll review best practices from other industries and discuss the latest mobile innovations within hospitality.  We need YOUR participation to make sure hoteliers, distributors, and all our partners don’t miss out on vast ancillary revenue opportunities!


HEDNA U 204: Engaging with the Guest: The Booking After
Historically, the distribution component of the guest journey has ended with the booking.  This session shares ways to continue to engage the guest after the reservation is completed, upsell ancillary products, enhance the guest experience, and to encourage repeat visits.

HEDNA U 208: Payments
With an impressive distribution strategy, a hotel could maximize all components of hospitality distribution but without the flexibility of guest payment types, the benefit of all other actions is diminished.  This session looks at the current and changing payment landscape for both guest focused transactions as well as third party bookings.

Working Group: Third Party Commissions

Distribution Innovation Lab (invitation only)


Future Leaders of HEDNA Working Session


Welcome Reception

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Day 2

Schedule Overview

8:30 – 18:30 Registration
9:30 – 18:30 Keynotes & Breakout Sessions
20:30 – 22:30 Headline Evening Offsite Event






Arrival Coffee


President’s Opening
Sarah Fults, MGM Resorts International


Opening Keynote:
What Boundaries in Travel & Technology!!?
Robert Craven
In this energetic opening keynote, Robert will ask, What is holding you back? How good is your business? Are technology platforms the greatest threat? What is the new normal?



Stop by the HEDNA Café for a specialty coffee drink prepared for you by our baristas.


State of the Industry: Alternative Lodging, Vacation Rentals and Hotels in Europe
Pierre Beceril, CEO, Transparent
Pierre will present data unveiling industry trends to help you understand the evolving dynamics that influence the entire hospitality industry


Networking Break


Distribution Track
The Future of Airline Retailing
Discover how Airlines are redefining their touch points with customers making retailing simpler and more intelligent. You decide what practices can be applied to hospitality.


Payments Track
White Paper: The Ultimate Guide to a Payment Business Case
Michiel Kossen, Adyen; Mike Carlo, XanderPay
This session will share from HEDNA’s latest white paper. How many times have you heard “Yes. Changing how we do payments is important but what’s the ROI?” This session is designed to answer the questions about what value there is to an effective payment strategy.


Distribution Track
Attributes.  The Future of Hotels and Connectivity
Lisa LoRusso, IHG;
Kyle Moore, DHISCO, a RateGain Company
We have been hearing about the impending onslaught of personalization, attribute selling, NDC for hotels, etc… Our panelists will provide you a glimpse into what is shaping the change, how the change may manifest itself, and its potential impact on how hotel products will be sold through channel partners.


Payments Track
PSP’s and the Move to Guest Centric Payments (Panel)
Andy Guenthard, Adyen; Laurie Gablehouse, IngenicoDiederik van Gool, Worldpay
This panel will share three different perspectives on a common approach to implementing guest-centric payments. The panelists will share best practices from other industries and lessons learned from early adopters in hospitality.


Distribution Track
Push vs Pull: A Myth Demystified
Tom Winrow, Sabre; Lew Harasymiw, IHG
The terms “Push and Pull” have been commonly used to explain the different third party connectivity options, but are they really the key pieces in understanding how automated distribution impacts rate accuracy, booking success, channel parity and future business models like Attribute Based Pricing and Ancillary sales. Our panelists will provide a high level overview of the differences, challenges and opportunities of where we are and explain where we need to go.




8 exciting new companies share insight into their new products and how they’re helping our industry innovate and grow.


Networking Break


Redefining Connectivity – Is an App Store the Future?
Susan Perry, Booking.com; James Bishop, Siteminder; Andre Balijeu, TechTalkTravel
Integration barriers can hinder product adoption and increase headaches in hospitality operations. Can connectivity be as simple as downloading an app? We’ll hear from industry leaders on their approach to marketplace-style adoption that can make your life easier.


Crossing Borders: Capitalising on Foreign Exchange
Greg Edwards, HSBC
Foreign exchange is a very misunderstood part of the distribution and sales process of the hospitality industry. Many more opportunities exist beyond the old-school DCC offerings that hotels have offered. A few basic FX principles can increase conversion rates and enhance your company’s bottom line. Greg Edwards (Global Head of Transactional FX, HSBC) discusses the opportunities relating to cross-border exchange and strategies for capitalizing on what have historically been expenses related to foreign guests.


SCA: Challenges and Opportunities of Impending Regulation
Paul Rodgers, Vendorcom; Pascal Burg, Edgar Dunn; Rajesh Vohra, Sarova Hotels
If you’re not panicked about Strong Customer Authentication, you may wish to bring a sedative to this session. Later this year, the EU will require a secondary authentication for all card-not-present guest transactions. The implications for hoteliers are significant. SCA requirements threaten to significantly disrupt processes and revenue from no-shows and cancellations for all hotels across Europe, but they may also provide the impetus for fundamental change for the better. All European hoteliers and their booking partners should hear the views of three of the most knowledgable people in the industry. This discussion will center around what we know, what is still unclear and what we as an industry group can do to prepare.


Keynote: Using AI to Solve Distribution’s Most Challenging Problems
Daniel Hulme, CEO, Satalia
Daniel Hulme, leading expert in artificial intelligence, explores what AI really is and what it can achieve, as well as its social, commercial, economic and ethical implications. He also explores how current organizations need to change in order to leverage what is arguably one of the biggest new opportunities in hotel distribution.


HEDNA Evening Lounge

Following a full day of sessions, join us at the HEDNA Evening Lounge to unwind and discuss the key takeaways with fellow attendees. Enjoy the Spanish version of our popular HEDNA Café with tapas and refreshments before we depart for the headline evening event.


Transfer to Evening Event


Headline Evening Offsite Event at La Cocina de San Antòn

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Day 3

Schedule Overview

8:30 – 13:00 Registration
9:00 – 13:00 Keynotes & Panels
13:00 Conference Concludes






Arrival Coffee


Vice President’s Welcome
Anne Cole, DHISCO, a RateGain Company


The Psychology of Persuasion:  Strategies that Make Us Click
Nathalie Nahai, Author, Webs of Influence
Nathalie is a web psychologist, international speaker, presenter of Guardian podcasts and author of best-selling book, Webs Of Influence. She brings together the latest insights from the world of psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics to explain the underlying dynamics and motivations behind consumer behaviour.

In this session, Nathalie Nahai offers practical guidance and relevant examples for engaging in a more meaningful way with potential guests.



Stop by the HEDNA Café for a specialty coffee drink prepared for you by our baristas.


Overcoming Boundaries in Technology: The Hoteliers Perspective
Javier Delgado Muerza, Iberostar; Luis Hurtado de Mendoza, Expedia
Join Javier Delgado Muerza, Chief Operating Officer @ Iberostar Hotels and Resorts as he shares his views on the barriers and obstacles hoteliers face in distributing their hotel inventory every day. He is interviewed by Luis Hurtado de Mendoza, Senior Director, Expedia.


Networking Break


Announce Innov8 Winner
Ivan Guerrero, Ingenico


How to Take Control of Your Distribution Strategy Using Google
Pablo Delgado Díaz-Pache, Mirai
What are Google’s plans? How to leverage the latest tools and features to drive direct bookings and great customer engagement.


In the Spotlight: Hotelbeds
Martin Jones, Hotelbeds; Philippe Garnier, InterContinental Hotel Group
Since buying up rivals GTA and Tourico Holidays, a lot has happened with Hotelbeds. As a follow up to our Los Angeles Conference we will turn the spotlight on wholesale to understand Hotelbeds distribution practices and strategy.


Closing Keynote: Using Technology and Data Science Effectively to Build for Scale
Abhinav Sinha, COO, OyoRooms;
Adam Harris, CEO, Cloudbeds


Robert Craven

Robert is author of Customer is King and Bright Marketing. He helps businesses understand what they need to do to be in the top 5%. His client list includes Ritz Carlton, Sandals, Nando’s, Virgin, Barclays, as well as agencies such as Sagittarius and DHM.
He started his first business, a restaurant, aged 21 and became Program Director for entrepreneurship programs at Cranfield and Warwick Business Schools. He has a unique blend of down-to-earth experience, academic understanding and an engaging delivery style.
Currently Robert is working with Google, across the globe, sharing what the high-performing businesses do differently from the rest. He lives in Bath in the UK with his wife and two dogs!
“Robert Craven says that ‘your whole business hinges on what your customer gets from you’. I wholeheartedly agree.” Sir Richard Branson

Abhinav Sinha, Chief Operating Officer at OYO

Abhinav looks after operations at OYO. He is a chemical engineer from IIT Kharagpur and an MBA from Harvard. Abhinav has more than a decade of experience working with product and services companies. Prior to OYO, he was a Principal with Boston Consulting Group in Dallas, US.